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How it works

A rigorous learning program, designed to get you ready for the challenges of the industry in every way. The ideal applicant is one with grit, initiative and aptitude. We bring investment, knowledge, experience and professional guidance to the table. You bring a desire for exponential growth and lifelong learning.

What is an Income Share Agreement?

For our program, you don’t have to pay fees upfront. You start learning, get a job, and then pay the fees.

An Income Share Agreement allows you the freedom to learn first and earn before paying.

Once you get a high-paying job, you pay us 17% of your salary every month for 12 months.

Here's how an ISA helps you

An ISA is not a loan.

With an ISA, you graduate the program without debt and only pay a fraction of your salary once you get a job. With a loan, there is a principal amount, plus interest that adds up, regardless of whether you have a job.

Payments start only after you get a job.

Till you get a job, you don’t pay any fees. The fee payments are a 17% of your salary every month, for a fixed amount of time, unlike an EMI which is a fixed amount till the loan is repaid.

The payments are limited.

The monthly ISA payments go on for a maximum of 12 months; never beyond that. Another thing: your monthly payments will stop as soon as you reach the amount cap.

% of your CTC
Maximum Payments
0 L
Minimum Salary
% interest

Tuition & Income Share Agreement (ISA) Questions

An ISA is a way to pay your Upskillz fee. A Upskillz’s  ISA is a contract under which you agree to pay 17% of your post-Upskillz School salary for 24 months, The ISA is capped at a maximum repayment of 2L, so you won’t pay more than 2L under any circumstances.

This is our way of investing in you. We select students we believe will be successful, and cover your tuition until you’re in a financial position to pay us back.

Students are required to keep their servicer account up-to-date with their salary and job status at all times. Even if a student is still active in the curriculum, they need to keep their account up-to-date.

Students must inform Upskillz of their employment status no later than five days after starting work in a qualified position paying at least the minimum monthly income required to make monthly payments under the agreement. Students must also must inform Upskillz of the name of their employer, their job title, and their earned income every three months, or as requested by Upskillz thereafter.

Each year, there is a tax reconciliation process performed to verify the students’ reported income. This is to ensure that students are not over- or underpaying what they owe per their financing agreement.

Students must submit to Upskillz and/or their servicer the following documentation evidencing their earned income:

– Before their first monthly payment and every time their earned income increases or decreases, a pay stub, a letter from their employer, independent-contractor agreement, or other evidence of their monthly income.

– By 30 April each year, a year-end pay stub, form W-2, form 1099, schedule K-1, or other official documentation showing their sources of earned income and the dates of their employment for the previous calendar year.

– If Upskillz requests it, a completed and signed IRS form 4506-T (or any successor form) designating Upskillz School as the recipient of their tax return information for returns covering any months for which they are required to make a monthly payment, dated no earlier than 30 days before the date they provide it Upskillz

An ISA is a way to pay your Upskillz fee. A Upskillz’s  ISA is a contract under which you agree to pay 17% of your post-Upskillz School salary for 24 months, 

This is our way of investing in you. We select students we believe will be successful, and cover your tuition until you’re in a financial position to pay us back.

The 17% monthly income payment requirement is based off of your “Earned Income,” which means all you are paid or that you earn in all your qualified positions. Earned income is your gross income—your income before taxes or any other withholdings (including contributions to retirement plans and savings plans).


Earned Income does not include:
– Income earned by your children or spouse (if any)
– Any money you inherit
– Any amounts paid to you under the Social Security disability insurance program (title II of the Social Security Act) or the Supplemental Security Income program (title XVI of the Social Security Act)
– Any amounts paid to you under the Child Nutrition Act of 1966.

Students are not required to make a monthly payment if their earned income for the previous month is less than $4,166.67 from qualified positions.

“Qualified Position” means work as an employee, independent contractor, or business owner in a field related to, or position requiring knowledge of, one or more of software, data science, full-stack web, iOS/Android development, cybersecurity, information technology, UX, and web and app development and design and any other field or position for which you would not have been qualified, or not have been considered or promoted into, but for your participation in your Lambda School program or the job placement efforts of Upskillz

Once a student signs their financing agreement, it is a live contract. Per the terms of the contract, there is a window of time during which payments may be owed.

The term of the contract is either 60 deferment months (months during which a student does not have a Qualified Position after finishing/leaving Lambda School) or 24 monthly payments, capped at $30k.

The contract enters the Repayment Period and becomes active upon the earlier of:
– The date for completing the program specified in the student’s enrollment agreement and

– Accepting a Qualified Position after the date specified in the enrollment agreement on which they are responsible for the entire amount of tuition funding allocated to their program (accepting a Qualified Position after fully vesting the ISA).

The maximum term of the agreement is 83 months. That would happen if a student has not had a Qualified Position for 59 of the 60 deferment months, and then becomes employed in the 60th month in a Qualified Position. They would then owe the 24 monthly payments.

Students will not be required to make further monthly payments if:

– They have made 24 monthly payments
– They have paid the maximum amount of $30,000 (excluding fees)
– They have not been required to make a monthly payment for a total of 60 months, whichever is the earliest to occur.

The 17% is a percentage of your gross income, i.e. before taxes.

Yes. On the admissions application, there’s a box to check to tell us you’d like to pay upfront, instead of signing an ISA. You can make this election up until the first day of classes.

No. Our ISA requires that you sign no other ISAs. (Also we want to make sure you get a job, not go on to more school.)

Payments are collected on the 1st of the month