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Job Portal

  • Qualified opportunities from top organizations

  • 100+ open roles across domains across cities

  • 50+ new companies hiring every quarter

  • Increase your chance of getting interviewed by 3x

Career Coach

  • Working with you to identify best suited career opportunities for you

  • Help you define your value proposition

  • Lay out a Career Path and help you adhere to your timelines and goals

  • Help you with interview preparations, finding jobs in the market, salary negotiations and other prep as required

Several Lives Impacted

They will prepare you how to face Data Science job interviews along with the Upskillz will also provide mock interviews and Mock test to check your capability for the interviews
Deepika Singh
Data Scientist
I am extremely thankful to the Upskillz team for conducting the Hackerrank sessions. During technical and coding rounds. I was asked to code in Python and was commended for the same
Abhishek Sinha
Data Analyst
A great aspect of this course is the students mentors.These people are always their to help and support and motivate the student to complete modules on time
Sameer Jindal
Data Scientist

1 on 1 Industry Mentorship

  • Get personalized career advice through 1-1 sessions with industry Experts

  • Personalized Live feedback on Assignments, Case-studies and solution of all academic and Career queries

  • Receive unparallel guidance from industry mentors, teaching assistants and graders

  • Get interview ready via profile building- resume reviews, employability tests and mock interviews

Just In time Interviews

  • Access to Just In Time Interviews – An Interview before your Actual Interview

  • Get your interview scheduled within 3 days and get an instant feedback

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