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Built by our hiring partners and top academicians, our program has been created to give you a solid practical foundation for high-growth careers.

Prof. Subhro Ravi
Professor at IIT Guwahati,| Program Mentor at Upskillz

1200+ learners have found sustainable careers


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We have helped 2500+ learners launch their successful careers with this program. Our learners talk about the program aspects that made them choose Upskillz over all other programs

Anshul Sharma
Data Scientist

The push by my career coach & the mentors when I needed it the most made me land a job. Will never forget all the learnings I got in the last 7 months

Shubham Khandelwal
Data Scientist

Lohia Corp.Ltd
"Never knew a fresher can get such roles and salaries. I will never forget the endless help extend by Upskillz team at all points in our journey."

Pranjali Agarwal
Data Scientist

Episource LLC
"Hand-holding from day 1 till I got a job by Upskillz. Resume reviews, mock interviews, expert mentoring helped me to land my dream job.

175+ Companies Have Hired Peritia Graduates

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We have helped 2500+ learners launch their successful careers with this program

1200+ learners have found sustainable careers



Analyzing Movie Data Set

Apply your Python skills to analyze a multi-language movie dataset and identify English movies with high ratings..

Analyzing Weather Data Set

Apply your Numpy and Pandas skills to analyze the hourly weather data of 2012 and derive insights for real-world applications.

Olympics Data Analysis

Apply your Python skills to analyze the datasets all-time of Olympic Games data of 200 nations to identify the hidden insights.

Extracting Business Insights

Analyze 1000 data points related to the 1860-2014 financial crisis in 13 African nations and derive business insights.

Inferential Statistics & Linear Regression

Assume yourself as a club manager of a Football club. Analyze the dataset and identify the best squad for the upcoming football championship

Regularization & EDA

Analyze the salary database of the San Francisco Controller’s Office and predict the Total Compensation..

Probability and Statistics

Analyze the datasets of mutual funds in the USA and predict the Basis Point Spread over AAA bonds.


Analyze the dataset of the world’s largest conversational AI platform Haptik & create an NLP model to predict the class of messages.

Modeling Customer’s Feedback

Analyze the dataset and predict customer satisfaction to improve customers’ shopping experience and reduce product return.

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Max. Cap: 1.5L

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Sagar Khandelwal

Senior Full Stack Deveoper


1200+ learners have found sustainable careers

Pay 0 UNTIL  you get a job – 8 MONTHS | LIVE MENTORS | ONLINE

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Career Sunday Sessions

On every Sunday, you will learn how to crack technical interviews of different companies.

Career workshops

Learn how to fit into different industries and workplace with soft skills training to complement your hard skills.

Mock interviews

Practice valuable interview skills before attending actual interviews and learn to put your best foot forward

Resume and portfolio building

Build LinkedIn and GitHub profiles with a solid personal brand that reflects your value to the industry.

100% Placement Assistance

Get access to live job-dashboards and connect to our 175+ hiring partners to land in your dreamjob.

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  • The project that is to be solved is shared with the learners. The mentor opens the session by deconstructing the problem statement.
  • Learners then solve smaller sub-problems within the larger problem statement.
  • Learner will benefit by observing the process over 6 months
  • Solve a mix of real world problems and smaller projects while internalising concepts and building depth
  • Learner completes the pre-work and comes for the session. They can ask questions during the code-along sessions to understand the concepts better.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Neither prior coding experience nor strong maths skills are mandatory to become a successful Data Scientist. 

If you are  from a non-coding or computer science backgrounds, our Basecamp sessions will help you acquire the required coding skills.

You will get a LIVE mentor support to clear your doubts and guidance for projects.

Also, you can be a part of our G-Tribe community to get help from our existing and past learners.

You can learn, practice and connect to peers and mentors on our PLabs learning platform. You will get a LIVE mentor support to execute the projects.

We strongly encourage you to avoid missing live sessions. However, you will receive a recording of the sessions. You will miss the live interaction with the mentors.

No, there is no deferral or refund policy for this program.

  • All of our programs, concepts, mentor sessions, coding exercises, and projects can be completed from your browser, so you don’t need to install any new software or hardware. For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

If you quit or want to defer to an upcoming program within first 1 weeks of the program you will not be bound by the income share agreement and we will go our separate ways. However, you will be charged an admin charge of INR 10,000 to exit the ISA agreement.

This is important for us to maintain the integrity and seriousness of the program and ensure that your opportunity is not being blocked by free-riders or false confirmations.

Exit or deferrals post first 3 weeks are not allowed and you are bound by the income share agreement.

Nope, how long you decide to stay with a company is between you and that company. If you love it, feel free to stick around. If you don’t, you are free to leave.

Yes. If you would like to end your contract early, you can pay the amount equivalent to the payment cap on the contract minus any payments already made.

A Bachelor’s degree

Willing to learn a programming language and familiar with a college-level mathematics

You will get an industry-recognized certificate after completing the program.

ULabs is our proprietary learning platform. It is a one-stop solution to learn in-demand skills, work on projects, get live mentor support and connect to peers and hiring partners. You will get access to it at the start of the program.

We are known for job-focused programs and we 1000s of learners launch their successful careers.

We will make you job-ready and connect you to our 175+ hiring partners and job dashboards. Most of our past learners got more than one job offer.

You can choose to pay using Internet banking, Credit/Debit cards, Cheque and flexible EMI option for both Admission Fee and “Pay after placement” fee. 

Our typical applicant is a techie including fresher , experienced and career switcher

The average salary for Upskillz graduates is ₹18 LPA.

No. There are no upfront fees and you pay via an ISA once you get a job. ( see the question on ISA below). However, there is an exit fee of INR 10,000 that is charged if you choose to make an untimely exit. We do this to maintain the integrity and seriousness of the program. We have limited spots in the program and we need to make sure someone else can’t take away this opportunity from you by making false confirmations beforehand and making untimely exits later.


An ISA or Income share agreement is used for paying Peritia once you have got a job at the salary you deserve. You will pay a graded share (in the range of 13-20%) of your monthly income for a maximum period of 2 years or a maximum cap amount of Rs 2 lakhs. You pay 13% of salary if you make > 1.5x your current income, 17% of salary if you make > 2x your current income, and 20% of salary if you make > 2.5x your current income. Since Pesto does not charge any fees upfront, the ISA model incentivizes us to provide superior training and access to the highest paying opportunities for you. We win when you do.

No, the income share agreement does not bind you to any one company. In fact, you don’t have to accept an offer at all. This is why we structure the agreement as 24 paying months. It gives you the flexibility to do what you want as you are not liable to pay during the months you don’t have a monthly income

If you have any additional questions, feel free to write to us at info@pestotech.in or techperitia@gmail.com

We designed this program with a sole aim to help learners like you launch a high-growth Data Science career irrespective of your educational or experience background.

You will learn the most in-demand skills Python, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Natural Language processing, and Statistics.

Our world-class mentors who are practicing Data Scientists and Career Services will make you job-ready with rigorous training and continuous support.

You will need to spend 12 hours a week for 8 months.

You bring in dedication and we ensure your career success

1200+ learners have found sustainable careers

Pay 0 UNTIL you get a job – 8 MONTHS | LIVE MENTORS | ONLINE